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Route Description


This years race has a new start on the West Green in Dunmanway


 View of the start line on West Green


Mile 1:

The opening mile is relatively flat.  The route heads from the West Green through the Main Square and down the full length of the Main Street of Dunmanway. As the route passes the junction with Sackville Street, the route is identical to previous years races. The route continues down Main Street in the direction of Bandon.  As the route crosses over the Bandon river at the Long Bridge there is a slight uphill drag towards the 1 mile mark. 


View down the end of Main Street on mile 1


Mile 2:

Just after the 1 mile mark the route continues its slight uphill drag until a right is taken which takes the race onto quiet country roads.  For the rest of mile 2, the route takes the form of rolling hills – nothing steep but enough to increase your pulse!  


View of the country roads in mile 2


Mile 3:

The rolling hills section of the race hits a peak soon after the 2 mile mark as the route follows the road around right at the top of a short hill.  From here the road flattens out, with a gradual decline towards “Ballabuidhe Bridge” which is the lowest point of the race.  Immediately after the bridge, the race takes a right.  The rest of mile 3 is pretty flat from here. 


The route crosses Ballabuidhe Bridge, the lowest point of the route


Mile 4:

The start of mile 4 is relatively flat as the route heads towards the main Dunmanway to Clonakilty Road (R599).  The route goes left onto this main road.  It continues along the main road for less than half a mile.  This is one of the tougher sections of the route as it drags slightly uphill until it takes a right off the main road at the peak of this drag, back onto quiet country roads again where the uphill drag continues for another hundred yards.   The rest of mile 4 is flat from here. 


View of the right turn off the main road towards the end of mile 4


Mile 5:

This is probably the fastest mile of the race as the route is either flat or slightly downhill as you pass along quiet country roads with plenty of tree cover. 


Tree covered downhill section of mile 5 


Mile 6 and Finish:

The first half of mile 6 is pretty much dead flat as you wind your way around a series of bends with the road widening out.  At about 5 and a half miles, the slogan “Get your pulse racing in the heart of West Cork” will start to resonate as you head uphill for about a quarter of a mile.  You will see the 50km/h sign up ahead and this signals the summit of the climb.  From here the route heads downhill to the finish line for a fast finish as you pass the GAA club on your right.  


Approaching the top of the hill near the end of mile 6  

View of the fast finishing straight  




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